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Sensitisation programme in creating child friendly Model village

August 21, 2018

Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre conducted sensitization and awareness programme for the school going children of Madhyamick Shiksha Kendra school of Debisabad village in Canning 1 Block under Sensitization on Anti-Human Trafficking Project on 14.08.2018. This school has 350 students and only 5 staffs to teach and take care of them. Mid day meal is provided to the students. The head master Mr Hamid is a very enthusiastic person and holds the spirit of learning together in this remote area school with bare minimum facilities.

The project with its community based awareness mobilization empowers groups who will create a safety net for children, both boys and girls (especially adolescent girls) from traffickers.

The sensitization programme in the MSK School was one such awareness programme which built the confidence and enhanced the knowledge in creating child friendly model village. There were total 85 students (Girls- 70, Boys-15) attended the programme.

These following topics were covered in an hour of sensitization programme:

  1. Reviewing of Child rights: Survival, Protection, Development and participation.
  2. The role of Protection was explained by stressing the dangers of being trafficked and child marriage. The tracking system of children was also emphasized. The session was taken thorough creative means of storytelling and real examples and group discussion.
  3. The role of Participation was amplified once again by asking them to write haw to make themselves secure and in what ways they could contribute into the effort of a model village. The children participated with enthusiasm and made presentations after the group discussion.
  4. The school teachers expressed their deep appreciation for the information to the children and the efforts of KMWSC to keep their children secure.

A wonderful effort by the team in Canning to create awareness on child friendly model village at the remotest villages where the girls are lured in the glittering world and are caught in the net of trafficking. The traffickers easily persuade and take advantage of the topographical disadvantages and situations of the girls in the remotest villages of Sundarban. This event has given a thought process to these young minds who shared their views, understanding and ideas on safety nets and mechanism which would ensure the protection and safety to these young girls.

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