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School Sensitization Programme at Canning 1 Block

October 15, 2018

12 Schools from 10 Gram Panchayats in Canning I block were Sensitized on various social issues. This programme is held yearly with the collaboration of the West Bengal Woman Police. The scheme of “Saynagsidha” which is part of the West Bengal government programme  is conducted by the Anti Human Trafficking Project – Canning I

The School children were sensitized on the issues of:

  1. Anti Human Trafficking
  2. Child Marriage
  3. Rights of a Child
  4. And how to identify a potential trafficker

The Impacts :

The children know the number 1098 a toll free line where children can directly call and ask for help

The children know age when they can legally get married

The children know about the women police station where a Police officer is designated just for them

The children know about their rights

The children has voiced that they will be vocal about child marriage and trafficking in their community


Sl No. Name of School Date No of participants
1 Canning David Sasson High School 20.09.2018 105
2 Raibhangini High School 20.09.2018 115
3 G.N. Harinarayan vidyapit 25.09.2018 97
4 Itkhola Rajnarayan High School 25.09.2018 173
5 Canning Darikanath Balika Vidalaya 26.09.2018 116
6 Harihar Maha Vidalaya 27.09.2018 142
7 Ghutiari sharif Balika Vidalaya 27.09.2018 162
8 Daria JLN Vidalaya 3.10.2018 146
9 Daría MSK High School 3.10.2018 146
10 Hath pukuria school 5.10.2018 237
Total 1639


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