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Skill Development Programme ( Kolkata, Canning, Sonagachi)

Education is not the last step in the way of economic empowerment, youth need opportunity of employment. Training them for such opportunities is a vital strategy to create sustainability in society. To bring such optimistic changes skill development in employable trades is the latest initiative of KMWSC.

  • Tailoring course is held in two shifts for 5 days, from Monday to Friday.
  • Beautician course is held in two shifts for 5 days, from Monday to Friday.
  • Bakery has been started of late and we are providing training in the morning for five days and soon we will start working on production also.
  • Spoken English Course is held for the young boys and girls, women and also drop outs who are willing to learn and speak English for better job opportunities and future careers. This course is conducted for a period of 3 months.
  • Computer course is a new initiative from KMWSC which starts this year with a three month basic Course which will be conducted five days a week. This introductory course would provide students with the opportunity to practice using computer operating systems.  Introductory computer applications would train the individuals to use a wide range of computer application programs in using command keys and formatting material for ease of reading and learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create presentations, spreadsheets and text documents etc.


Vocational Training unit Canning:

Tailoring is a training skill which has till now empowered 200 trainees. The 6 months course teaches the candidates with basic stitching skills and 3 months training on Beautician trade giving them exposure to present market trends on stitching assignment from schools and grooms them with professional skills. Training in making paper bags was imparted to 200 women under the skill development program which included vulnerable women and victims of Human Trafficking.

Vocational Training unit Sonagachi is focusing on the alternative livelihood options for commercial sex workers through vocational training. This course gives them an opportunity to explore the life beyond brothels and prostitution through training. Many women who are forced into flesh trade and cannot come out whole through the life. Women are guided even counselled for life they deserve.

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