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Hidden Domestic Child Labour(HDCL)

Extreme poverty in rural areas resulting from economic mismanagement, religious, political or ethnic crises, natural disasters, adult unemployment or death of the breadwinner often results in a situation where children are sent to work to supplement family income. Once children are introduced to domestic labour they become ‘invisible’.

8 Multipurpose Activity Centre functioned through which 865(M- 154 & F – 711) Child Domestic Workers have accessed functional literacy, numeracy, social science, life skill education and recreational facilities. 220 children (M – 60, F – 160) have been mainstreamed into formal schools. As part of the mainstreaming children were provided with books, bags, uniforms etc. 119 ( 3 boys, 116 girls) candidates in the age group of 15 – 20 years were enrolled for vocational training in different trades such as Beautician, Driving, Facility Management and Ac – Fridge repairing. Candidates who completed vocational training were successfully placed in jobs in renowned places such as Kothari Medica, Three and Four Star Hotels etc. Candidates who have completed vocational training have also experienced in increase in income. 5 Residents’ Welfare Associations namely OM TOWER (ward- 1), KRISHNA TOWER (ward no – 6), SHEKHAR KUNJ (ward – 13) & BRS 1 11 APARTMENT (ward no – 14) under KMC and ward-5 (JAI MATADI) under Baranagar Municipality have pledged not to engage children as domestic workers in their complexes and have put up visibility board starting“This complex is a child friendly complex, we do not employ children in any capacity”. One state consultation for RWA members from different wards was conducted , where all the RWA members were appreciated for their support in reaching out to CDWs and they were given memento as a sign of appreciation. This is a major breakthrough in the project as entering the RWAs was extremely challenging in the initial years of the project. As a result of continuous engagement with RWAs, it has been possible to declare 5 complexes as “ Free from Child Domestic Work” since the beginning of the project till date. 8 Ward Level Child Protection Comitte have been formed as per the guidelines of Integrated Child Protection Scheme(ICPS) and there is also children’s group in all the 8 areas. These committees act as a watch dog in the community to protect children from all kind of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. Making child domestic work socially and culturally unacceptable is the main aim of the programme.

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