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Republic Day Celebration

  • 26 Jan- 26 Jan
  • 8.00am
  • Brick field schools in 4 districts, North and South 24 PGS, Hooghly and Nadia, in 57 brick field schools

India Celebrates Republic Day  on 26th January every year all over Indian territories. All the Indian schools, colleges, universities, Government offices, corporate sectors and private NGOs have a solemn celebrations, hoisting the Indian flag, singing the national anthem and paying great reverence and homage to the great heroes, leaders and freedom fighters. There are cultural programmes competitions, many games competitions organized on the day and prizes are awarded to the winning individuals and groups. In order to mark the day the brick field schools project conducted the event in the brick fields centers of 4 districts in West Bengal-North and  South 24 PGS, Hooghly and Nadia. In the centers all the children of brick fields were explained the importance of the day. As these children never get the opportunities to be the part of the national celebrations in the schools, they were taught the national anthem and sang together. They hoisted the flags, saluted the flags with great respect. The children were happy to receive the sweets and chocolates. The innocent smiles of children cannot be hidden behind the bricks. This a an effort to instill and inculcate the sense of civic responsibility and an inclusive activity to feel the part of this nation.  Come join us to create a platform for these deprived children to send them schools. Let us give them a chance to grow up once again.

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