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Barefoot Teachers Training Level I

  • 01 Nov- 03 Nov
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Kolkata Mary Ward Social Center

Barefoot has conducted its second training   of the third quarter with the onset of November 2018. The training commenced with the 36 newly appointed teachers of  Pujali,Akra, Kalyani, Bashirhat and Tarakeshwar of  West Bengal. Altogether 36 Teachers participated out of which 32 were females and 4 were male. The main aim of the training was to make the teachers aware of the educational   process that is being followed. The training continued for 3 days. Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator started with the level-I training. The training lasted for 3 days. The first day   of the training started with the morning prayer, followed by the self introduction of  both the participants and the resource person. After a brief introduction of their project, the training started with the language development. The language development class started with different action rhymes in Bengali and Hindi .Story telling was followed by the action rhymes. Then the resource person introduced them with the teaching learning material and showed them how to prepare it. The second day of the training started with the recapitulation of previous day’s training .Different types of activity game were played with the teachers so that they could able to communicate with the children in the same way. The activity games will make the children enthusiastic and encourage them to great extent. After the completion of activity games, the resource person trained the teacher with number development. In number development the teachers were trained with   place value, sequence, number position,   etc with number disc and number rhymes. The concluding day the Resource person started   with the usage of Look and say card and conversation sheet. Demonstration classes were arranged and each teacher has to give demonstration on different topic as prescribed by the Resource person. Feedback   was taken from the participants about the training. In the feedback teachers narrated about   the unknown methodologies which they had learnt during the three days of the training. They feel that the joyful learning will help them to interact with the teachers in an easy and comfortable manner.

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