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Story of Change- encouraging institutional delivery in Lodha community

 Lodha women were never been to government hospital for treatment and delivery before thus they have lost their identity. Most of them do not have any identity proof. Birth certificates were not obtained since the children were born in their own houses. The lodha people were afraid to go to hospitals and health centers because the society hated them and considered them out caste and untouchables. KMWSC has been intervening and encouraging for institutional delivery for lodha people under Lodha Community Project. 

 Tuki Bhakta is a Young woman of 22 years old  married to Jiten Bhakta residing  in Lodha community since 10 years. Earlier they were in block of Patherpratima. After marriage they have shifted to Lodha community.  Tuki is a mother of 2 children Shibani and Akash. Shibani is 7 years old girl who comes to our learning center and Akash is a newly born baby of 2 months. Tuki’s husband  catches fish and crabs from the rivers. The whole family is dependent on the daily earning of the father. Tuki’s husband gets around Rupees 1500 per month and feeds the family. But most of the earning is spent on local alcohol. Both the parents get drunk and remain intoxicated whole day. They are negligent and not concerned about  health and hygiene, the education  and the cleanliness. Since their forefathers were illiterate, ignorant, believed in superstitions they have also inherited them from their forefathers for generations. In 2016 Tuki was pregnant and too Young to be matured and become a mother. A baby girl was born in the house and died after two days. This was shared in the community meeting and awareness camps. After coming in touch with teachers and  health workers. She gradually started coming for health check up camps and awareness programmes. She started to take care of her health and own body. She is regular for health check up camps. Later she was pregnant again and she kept in touch with regular health workers by which she received Janani Surakha card to avail all the facilities from government hospitals for pregnant women. In the month of February 2018  her husband contacted Asha karmi at health center and admitted  her to hospital. She gave birth to a healthy baby in hospital. They have received birth certificate for the baby. She is very happy to receive all the government help. When this matter is discussed during community meeting and parents meeting Tuki Bhakta expresses her own experiences at the meeting. How she was negligent and careless during pregnancy and the new born baby was died after two days. ” Go to hospital they will take care of you and your baby like they did for me and for my little baby.” said Tuki in the parents meeting. Many more mothers are being motivated to attend regular health centers and medical camps at the center.

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