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Lilabati Bhakta (name changed) is a six year old girl from Lodha commnity. She has 4 members in the family. Lilabati’s father is a farmer in others farms. The main occupation of  Lilabati’s family is to catch crabs from the rivers and collect honey from the forest. At times there are no food at home to feed the family. Even Lilabati and her younger sister went to catch the crabs from rivers along with the parents many times. The whole family stayed in Patherpratima for livelihood. As they come back to Radhakrishnapur in March 2017 they were visited by the teachers. Rapport was built gradually. Lilabati’s parents were called for meeting in the center. In order to support the family they were given ducks in July 2017. They looked after well. When the ducks were grown up they sold them in market and bought their daily food. Mean while the teachers constantly visited the family and motivated them to send their children to our learning center. Becoming interested in the children’s study the parents requested the teachers to admit Lilabati to government school. Lilabati was admitted into government school in January 2018. She is happy to join the friends in school. She also gets midday meal from the school. Lilabati always thanks the teachers and KMWSC for making possible for her to go to school

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