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Caring is what makes us Human

June 1, 2018

In Akra-A-5 where the Brick Field centres are located Fulkumari Devi was unaware of her pregnancy for how many months she was pregnant. She felt extreme pain in her womb. Her husband was reluctant to send her to hospital nearby.  The situation was noticed by the brick field centre facilitators and was informed to Coordinator. Husband of the lady was counselled and motivated to send her to hospital along with the brick field centre facilitators. Finally the husband agrees to send her to hospital. Local motor van was arranged to reach the hospital. As they were coming to hospital Fulkumari was in extreme pain, she screamed with tears and pain. With the shake of motor van Fulkumari gave birth to a dead baby in motor van itself before reaching to hospital. She fainted with extreme pain and was unconscious till they reach hospital. The brick field facilitators supported the lady in all the possible ways in the hospital. She was given oxygen and saline. The uterus of Fulkumari was washed and cleansed by the doctors. She has gained senses and becoming normal. Tomorrow she will be discharged from the hospital. KMWSC congratulates the field staffs for caring humans, who really save the mother and gave a new life to the family. All the expenses for medicines, travel, hospital expenses were borne by KMWSC.

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