KMWSC conducts TFD and health check up camps

KMWSC conducted 2 street plays in tow locations of Pujali centres under Brick field school project combining four centres Nanda and Das in one place, Indian and Rosni in one place. There were more than 200 people gathered for the event to watch and witness. The theme of street play ...

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Capacity building Training for the children of rural villages

Away from school for a day or even half a day is always exciting for students, and such trainings are always highly anticipated. The children have fun with new friends and they also return to the formal classrooms with a renewed focus and refreshed energy on their schoolwork. The children ...

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No more to disease

The new initiative of KMWSC on Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS) is bringing hope to the households of Sundarban, West Bengal. with the technical support from SAMUCHIT, Pune KMWSC has trained the local people in Manmathnagar, Gosaba, Sundarban. The families are scattered in the villages. Each village is an island. They ...

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Seven pregnant mothers receive health cards

#kmwsc helps pregnant women to get health cards by enrolling their names in the hospital. These women were never been to hospital for delivery before. These mothers were assisted by the field staff and were introduced to health workers. In fact the health workers were happy to make health cards ...

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Distribution of progress cards in BFSP

As the peak season of brick kiln is approaching near the families and labours are getting ready to go back to their respective native villages to different Indian states.  The team of brick field school project has done the evaluation of their learning competencies in each brick field center. Once ...

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Brickfield School Exam

  From the month of April 2018, the BFS examination process has started for migrant children in group B (6 to 8 years) group C (above 8 years) in the BFS of 4 Districts in West Bengal. The subject the children are giving exam on are Maths, Language and Drawing. The children are then provided ...

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Creating awareness though street play under the Brickfiled School Project

  Three street play was conducted in Tona, South 24 Parganas on Child protection. A total number of 403 people including BFS children, BF owners participated in the event. A positive response was noticed in the local and migrant community. The main objective of the street play was to create a ...

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Directors visit to Sensitization on Anti Human Trafficking Project

  As a part of the Directors, phase II visit plan  Sr. Monica visited the Sensitization on Anti Human Trafficking Project at canning in South 24 Parganas along with the project coordinator. On 6th April 2018, she visited Durganagar Village, Matla 1 Gram Panchayat, Uttar Angadberia Village, Dighirpaar Gram Panchayat, Pattabhangi Village, Goplapur Gram ...

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Local Media Coverage on the initiative of awareness and sensitization on Anti Human Trafficking

Local media coverage of #Kmwsc's initiative- awareness and sensitization on Anti Human Trafficking. KMWSC  has been collaborating with like minded NGOs, Child line to combat the human trafficking at Canning and Sundarban. A small initiative of KMWSC has been empowering and giving hope to women and children especially to girls who ...

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Caring and sharing with the deprived ones

KMWSC thanks the teachers and students of Loreto School Bowbazar for the concern and support to the marginalized, underprivileged and deprived children. 16 students were accompanied by four teachers along with Sr. Rani the staff of KMWSC to  brick field school project at Pujali, Budge budge, South 24 PGS on 23rd ...

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