Empowering women through Beauty

                                                        Empowering women through Beauty For any society is identified by the empowerment of the women.Faster the women empowerment and self reliance of women’s happens in the society, progress of the society will be expedited in the same way. Following the same thought process KMWSC is supporting more than 70 deprived  ...

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Training on Solar Lantern-Empowering Staff

                                                                 Training on Solar Lantern-Empowering Staff   ‘Solar Enlighten and Community Empowerment Project’ is implemented at Manmathanagar village in Gosaba block. A 2-days training programme on ‘Solar Lantern Assembling’ was organized at KMWSC office, ...

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A Rally on World Day Against Human Trafficking In Persons

                                       A Rally on World Day Against Human Trafficking In Persons Saturday 30th July, World Day Against Human Trafficking In Persons, Canning Block 1 witnessed and heartily participated in a rally organised by KMWSC in collaboration with Canning Police Station. All who were part of this were united by a common ...

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Changing minds; An awareness programme with a difference

                                     Changing minds; An awareness programme with a difference KMWSC believes that education and knowledge of trafficking  among all members of society are key to beating human traffickers.KMWSC realizes that that without involving community members and common people, the government cannot curb human trafficking.Its very important that people should come forward ...

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Brick By Brick: Brick Field Schools in Kolkata

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Visitors from Manchestor

                                               Visitors from Manchestor  A team of 40 that includes 36 students and 4 teachers from Manchester are presently visiting Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre.It is indeed a great moment for the entire team at KMWSC . A brief project orientation followed by visits to the KMWSC projects is part of ...

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Training with a difference

                                                                   Training with a difference Barefoot Teachers Training for Brick Field Teachers was conducted in Kolkata Mary Ward Social ...

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An outing to remember

An outing to remember Many underprivileged children are unable to find time to just have fun and be kids during their childhood — they are busy helping at home or working to support their families from a very young age. The difficulties they face, financially and emotionally, are so persistent that ...

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More than a just Health Camp

                                             More than a just Health Camp Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre has organized a Health Camp for the community people of Sonapota which is a village of Sonarpur.This programme was organized by Community Education and Adult Education Programme Project.Around 120 people got benefited by this camp. KMWSC intervenes in  Sonapota  ...

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A new Initiative by Pantaloons & Aditya Birla group

                                            A new Initiative by Pantaloons & Aditya Birla group Pantaloons, Aditya Birla group in their Safe Drinking Water Programme of the month collaborated with Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre.On 18th June a Corporate Social Responsibility event was organized under Providing Education and Protection to Vulnerable Children project.Pantaloons, Aditya Birla group ...

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