November 9, 2018

Child trafficking is to enroll, obtain, receive, transport, deliver or shelter a child for the purpose of exploitation. There are several cases in which the children are kidnapped and disappear overnight. Child trafficking is done for criminal purpose. Various forms of child trafficking include early marriages, child labor, organ trade, sexual assault and begging to name a few. Victims here are exploited and live under unhygienic and unsafe environment.

The main reasons that give rise to child trafficking are poverty, lack of education and unemployment. Some parents even sell their children to child traffickers for paying their debts or to get out of poverty. Victims are also forced to indulge in illegal activities and sometimes for organ trafficking purposes which is heart breaking. Girls are exploited for sexual assault and have to live in unhealthy conditions. It is hard to find the exact records of child trafficking due to poor implementation of laws. Child trafficking is wide spread issue nationally and internationally that needs serious attention. In Kolkata and surburbs of the State,  Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre has been addressing Anti – Human Trafficking over the past years in Canning and Diamond Harbour Locations. On 8th November 2018 an awareness campaign was conducted at Chanda Village near Diamond Harbour where we could reach to over 120 Community Members and 20 Adolescent girls with informative and interactive sessions .

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